Our typical feasibility stage will include the following:


  • Carry out survey – Bothams Architectural Design will carry out a full measured survey of your property / site to allow us to assess the existing parameters and prepare existing Little House Ideasdrawings.
  • Prepare Existing Drawings – Following the initial survey we will prepare a set of scaled existing drawings allowing us to begin the design process.
  • Assessment of Clients Brief – Alongside the existing plans we will conduct a written assessment of the clients brief ensuring both you (the client) and ourselves fully understand your aspirations for the design.
  • Preparing Feasibility Scheme – We will prepare initial design proposals based on the design aspirations set out in the clients brief.
  • 3D sketch images – Using 3D computer software we will produce external images of the design proposals giving you a clear idea of scale and design.
  • Initial consultation with Local Planning Authority – Once we have established a design that you are happy with we will approach the local planning authority to gain pre planning application advise and ascertain if the proposal is, in principle, in keeping with the local plan.


From completion of the survey it will typical take approximately two weeks to prepare an initial design proposal including 3D images.

We feel this initial stage is vital to ensure the proposals will be feasible from a cost, practicality and local planners point of view before you outlay too much money.

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